Time Management

A convient way to manage your employees time off
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screenshot of the employee time off management platform
Time Off Management Features
Calendar view
Efficiently monitor everyone's holiday schedules to stay informed and manage team availability.
Time off requests and responses automatically notify the right people, streamlining the process.
Time off request Reminders
Receive timely reminders to manage time off requests, plus a weekly summary of your team's time off.
Company wide holidays
Facilitate company-wide time off for events like office closures with our easy-to-use scheduling feature.
Don't miss time off requests
HR Toolbox's time management ensures you'll never overlook a time off request, keeping track efficiently.
Report on holiday usage
Always stay informed about holiday usage in your company with our comprehensive reporting tools.
How does the calendar view help in managing team availability?
The calendar view provides a clear, visual representation of team members' holidays, allowing for better planning and management of team availability.
Are notifications for time off requests customizable?
Yes, notifications can be customized to ensure the right people receive timely updates on time off requests and responses.
What kind of reminders does the system send for managing time off requests?
The system sends timely reminders to manage pending time off requests and provides a weekly summary of team's time off activities.
How can I set up company-wide holidays in the system?
Company-wide holidays can be easily set up in the system using our scheduling feature, ideal for planning events like office closures.
Does the system offer features to ensure no time off request is missed?
Yes, our time management feature ensures that every time off request is tracked and addressed, preventing any request from being overlooked.
How detailed are the reports on holiday usage provided by the system?
The system offers comprehensive reports on holiday usage, providing detailed insights into employee time off patterns and usage.
Is there a limit to the number of holidays an employee can request?
Holiday request limits can be set according to company policy, allowing for customization based on individual business needs.
Can employees view their remaining holiday allowances in the system?
Yes, employees can easily view their remaining holiday allowances in the system, ensuring transparency and easy planning.
Time Management
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