an image depicting IT Equipment Return Checklist

IT Equipment Return Checklist

A systematic guide to ensure the smooth and secure return of IT equipment from departing employees, minimizing potential data and asset risks.
  • Notification - Ensure HR or the relevant department notifies the IT team about the employee's departure date in advance.
  • Inventory Check - Cross-reference the departing employee's name with the IT inventory to identify all equipment assigned to them.
  • Return Date - Set a clear deadline, preferably before the employee's last working day, for the return of all IT equipment.
  • Data Backup - Advise the employee to back up any personal or important data from company devices, as devices will be wiped.
  • Equipment Collection - Organize a location (e.g., IT department, employee's desk) where the employee will return the equipment.
  • Physical Inspection - Check each returned item for damages or wear and tear. Document any issues.
  • Data Wipe & Reset - Perform a full data wipe and factory reset on devices to ensure no company or personal data remains.
  • Software & License Reclamation - Reclaim software licenses and any cloud-based application access tied to the departing employee.
  • Update Inventory - Mark the equipment as returned in the IT inventory system and update its status.
  • Access Revocation - Ensure all access to company networks, emails, and other systems is revoked.
  • Feedback Session - Conduct a session with the departing employee for feedback on IT equipment and processes.
  • Documentation - Prepare and have the departing employee sign a return acknowledgment form listing all returned items.