an image depicting Offboarding Checklist

Offboarding Checklist

Navigate employee departures seamlessly with our detailed offboarding checklist. From formal notifications to final pay, ensure a smooth transition for both your company and departing team members. Enhance your HR offboarding procedures and maintain positive alumni relations with our step-by-step guide.
  • Formal Notification - Ensure that you have received a formal resignation or termination notice from the employee in writing. This should detail their last working day and any reasons for leaving if applicable.
  • Exit Interview - Schedule an exit interview to discuss the employee's experiences, gather feedback, and understand any potential areas for improvement within the company.
  • Return of Company Property - Ensure the employee returns all company-owned items, including ID badges, laptops, mobile phones, keys, and any other equipment or resources.
  • Final Pay and Benefits - Calculate and provide the final paycheck, including any outstanding salary, bonuses, accrued holiday pay, and any other owed compensations. Ensure that any benefits, such as pension schemes or healthcare, are terminated or transferred as appropriate.
  • Update HR Records - Mark the employee's record as 'terminated' or 'resigned' in the HR system, ensuring all data is up-to-date. This may include performance reviews, training records, and attendance.
  • IT Systems and Access - Coordinate with the IT department to revoke access to company email accounts, internal systems, databases, and any other digital resources. Ensure the return or deletion of any stored data.
  • Confidentiality and Non-compete Agreements - Remind the departing employee of any confidentiality agreements or non-compete clauses that may be in place and remain in effect after their departure.
  • Notify the Team and Company - Inform relevant departments, teams, and stakeholders about the employee's departure. This ensures smooth transition of responsibilities and projects.
  • Transition of Duties - Ensure that there's a clear plan for transitioning the departing employee's tasks and responsibilities to another team member. This might involve training sessions or handover meetings.
  • Feedback and Improvement - After the offboarding process, take some time to reflect on any feedback provided by the departing employee. Consider if there are areas of the offboarding process that can be improved for future cases.