Latest Updates - 07/03/2023

The team has been busy over the last month or so building some great new features.

Kicking off with, we have released the new Company Dashboard!

Company Dashboard

This will give you a better overview of what is happening in the day-to-day running of your team. We have some more awesome widgets coming to the dashboard, starting with a company news widget.

Company Dashboard

New Calendar View

After some feedback from our community, we decided it was necessary to change how the calendar view looks.

From this new and improved view, you can see your whole company on one page, nicely organized for the whole month.

New filters will be added over time so that you can filter on holiday types, making it even easier to view who’s off work and for what reason.

The whole team can also view this new calendar, so they’ll be able to see when their colleagues are on holiday, helping them plan their weeks.

Calendar View Update

Document Management!

We have finished up our MVP document storage, and this has been released as of today.

As it stands today, you’ll be able to:

Company Document View

Employee Document View