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What is the ROI Calculator for HR Toolbox?
The ROI Calculator helps you determine the financial benefits of implementing HR Toolbox by calculating potential time savings, cost reductions, and productivity improvements.
How do I use the ROI Calculator?
Enter the number of users, their average salary, and weekly working hours. The calculator will estimate your total cost, total savings, and net savings.
How accurate is the ROI Calculator?
The calculator provides an estimate based on the average hours saved and typical costs. Actual savings may vary depending on your specific circumstances.
Is HR Toolbox free to use?
Yes, HR Toolbox is free for up to 5 users. Beyond that, there is a cost of £5 per additional user per month.
How much time can HR Toolbox save my team?
On average, HR Toolbox can save about 4 hours per week per employee by automating routine HR tasks.
What factors are considered in the ROI calculation?
The ROI calculation considers the number of users, their average salary, weekly working hours, and the time saved using HR Toolbox.
Can I use the ROI Calculator for any size of business?
Yes, the calculator is designed to be useful for small to medium-sized businesses, but it can be adapted for larger organizations as well.

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