Configuring Account Settings

Profile Attributes Customization

Our Human Resources Management System (HRMS) comes with a set of default profile attributes to help you start creating employee profiles immediately. These attributes include:

While these defaults are set to general standards, we understand every company is unique. That’s why we offer the flexibility to tailor these attributes to better fit your organization’s specific needs. Customize your profile attributes easily by visiting Profile Attributes Settings.

Customize Profile Attributes

Setting Up Holiday Allowances

Efficiently manage your employees’ holidays by configuring the default holiday allowances in our system. These settings play a crucial role in tracking and approving holiday requests, allowing you to align them with your company policies.

To set these up, visit Holiday Allowances Configuration. Once there, simply fill out the form with your specific requirements and click ‘Add’. These allowances will then be immediately available for use when adding or modifying an employee’s profile.

Holiday Allowances Overview