an image depicting Diversity Audit Checklist

Diversity Audit Checklist

This checklist offers a comprehensive guide for small to medium-sized businesses to conduct a thorough diversity audit. It covers essential steps to assess current diversity and inclusion practices, identify areas for improvement, and implement effective strategies for a more inclusive workplace.
  • Assemble a Diverse Audit Team - Form a team with diverse members to ensure varied perspectives in the audit process.
  • Define Audit Objectives - Clearly define what you aim to achieve with the diversity audit, including specific areas of focus.
  • Collect Data - Gather data on current workforce demographics, policies, and practices related to diversity and inclusion.
  • Analyze Data - Analyze the collected data to identify trends, gaps, and areas requiring attention.
  • Conduct Employee Surveys - Distribute surveys to gather employee perceptions and experiences regarding workplace diversity and inclusion.
  • Review Policies and Practices - Evaluate existing company policies and practices to identify potential biases or barriers to diversity.
  • Benchmark Against Industry Standards - Compare your findings with industry standards to understand how your company stacks up.
  • Prepare an Audit Report - Compile the findings into a comprehensive report, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations.
  • Develop an Action Plan - Based on the audit findings, develop a strategic action plan to address identified issues and improve diversity and inclusion.
  • Implement Changes - Begin implementing the action plan, ensuring to involve employees and leadership in the process.
  • Monitor Progress - Regularly monitor and review the progress of implemented changes to ensure continuous improvement.