an image depicting 📈 Basic Employee Performance Review

📈 Basic Employee Performance Review

Navigate the complexities of employee evaluations with our simplifed Employee Performance Review Checklist. Designed to support managers and HR professionals, this guide facilitates structured, meaningful, and constructive dialogue. From self-assessment to goal setting, ensure a thorough and beneficial review process conducive to personal growth and organizational success.
  • Preparation for Performance Review - Gather all necessary documents, including previous reviews, goal-setting documents, and feedback received throughout the review period.
  • Self-Assessment by Employee - Have the employee complete a self-assessment covering their achievements, challenges, and areas for growth.
  • Review and Compile Feedback - Compile all feedback on the employee's performance from various sources to ensure a comprehensive review.
  • Conduct the Performance Review Meeting - Hold a one-on-one meeting with the employee to discuss their performance, future goals, and any concerns.
  • Set Actionable Goals - Collaborate with the employee to set clear, measurable goals for the next review period.
  • Follow-up and Support - Schedule regular check-ins to provide ongoing support, feedback, and necessary adjustments to goals.